"The combination of fieldwork, creative writing and filming are my personal blend of doing anthropology."



Eva van Roekel is an assistant professor at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In 2016, she received her Doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University for ethnographic research on trials for crimes against humanity in Argentina. She is editor of the Dutch anthropological journal Etnofoor and member of the advisory board of the Dutch Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation.

Eva’s research focuses on violence, morality, human rights, and natural resources in Latin America. Her teaching experience ranges from ethnographic methods, violence and trauma, visual ethnography, and creative writing. Read more about her teaching experience on her research page at the VU. Find out more about Eva van Roekel, her researchpublications and filmprojects


Violence and morality in Latin America define her work as an anthropologist with a multidisciplinary approach in philosophy and the arts. Her current research focuses on the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis and refugees in the neigboring countries. In April 2022, Eva received the Veni grant for her research on ‘Emergency Ethics: Crisis, Nature, and Wealth in Venezuela’.

For her monograph, Phenomenal Justice. Violence and Morality in Argentina, Eva received the international award Outstanding Academic Title 2020. It was also shortlisted for the Juan E. Mendez Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America.


As an independent filmmaker, Eva explores the practice of visual ethnography by theorising and working together with other independent filmmakers. Take a further look at her past and current projects. 


20/12/23 – Journalism

‘Een utopie die niet bestaat. Hotel Humboldt als kers op de taart die Venezuela al lang niet meer is’